The main crux of LET THERE BE DRUMS features drummers playing a kit.   But we certainly understand there are multiple other percussion outlets that should be displayed during these two days.

That is why Aaron Tafoya has been asked to provide a series of displays and performances between our main events, to perform, display and educate with a multiple array of other percussion instruments.

Here is a complete list of activities on The Target Stage on Harriet Island during the set up of the main event at 6:00 pm!

Sept 20 Performance Schedule

Noon – 1:00pm Glen Helgeson from the MN music therapy association discusses music therapy and other guest.
(10-15 min change out – Business/sponsor acknowledgements)

1:00pm – 2:00pm. Tim O’keefe and Aida Shahghasami performs Mediterranean percussion meditations incorporating various middle east finger style frame percussion.
(10-15 min change out – Business/sponsor acknowledgements)

2:00pm – 3:00pm Marc Anderson – Bucket Drumming interactive for the entire family!
(10-15 min change out – Business/sponsor acknowledgements)

3:00pm – 4:00pm Rhythmhood – Drum shed sessions!

Music therapy association of MN
Glen Helgeson from the MN music therapy association discusses music therapy.

Mission statement of the Music Therapy Association of Minnesota, a 501(c)3
organization, strives to enhance quality music therapy
services in the state of Minnesota through providing
engaging and relevant education opportunities to
members and the public, supporting the professional
community, advocating for professional recognition, and
fostering community partnerships.

Tim Okeefe and Aida Shahghasemi on Persian Daff Mediterranean Percussion finger style frame percussion

Krissy Bergmark and Peter Susag
Krissy is a tabla player, percussionist, composer, and freelance instructor in the Twin Cities. Bergmark was a 2015 grantee of the Jerome Foundation’s Music Travel and Study Grant, and travelled to Mumbai, India in January and February of 2016 to study tabla and to compose new music for her percussion quartet, Matra. Krissy returned to Mumbai in the summer of 2017 to continue her tabla studies and composition through the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council’s Next Step Fund. Bergmark is also a recipient of the 2016 Cedar Commissions Grant, with which she premiered her piece for tabla, cello, electric guitar, fiddle, and solo dancer, entitled The Darkest Timeline, in February of 2017. Krissy performs with her world/jazz fusion percussion-based group, Matra, the folk-inspired instrumental trio Piciformes, jazz and flamenco-based Despejada, and traditional South Asian folk-music in a duo with Peter Susag.
Drum circle events 12-4

Main entrance area:
Marc Anderson Rhythm of the Saints Bucket drumming: A community committed to transforming the forgotten and discarded into compelling rhythms and soaring melodies. We put the funk back into junk!

Brian Vantassel: Djembe Drum Circle grooves of West Africa (West side of island)

Woman’s drum center drum circle: Various hand percussion and frame style drums (North west side of Island)