Experience the power of Music.

Experience the power of Music.

We use songs and stories to engage students, teaching them skills for self-expression, encouraging curiosity about their world, and inspiring them to discover the power of music for themselves.

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An amazing experience where students learn to write lyrics, chords and melodies that tell their stories. Each class includes a live concert or studio recording with professional musician mentors.
A Project-Based-Learning approach to practical musicianship that focuses on developing Social-Emotional Skills and tools for Mental Wellness.

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A vibrant way to engage students in the art of performance, the music business, the science of audio production, or just plain inspiration!
Teachers are provided with lessons, activities, assessments and extensions tied to State Standards to deepen the impact of the artist visit.

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Introducing music in the early childhood years can help foster a positive attitude toward learning and curiosity.

Artistic education develops the whole brain and develops a child’s imagination.


FACT: 20 percent of children learn to play or write music. 70% of adults wish they had.


Students of music can be more emotionally developed, with empathy towards other cultures.

They also tend to have higher self esteem and are better at coping with anxiety.


Students in high-quality school music education programs score higher on standardized tests compared to students in schools with deficient music education programs, regardless of the socioeconomic level of community.

We’ve been around since 2011, serving thousands of young musicians.


A true believer in the power of music and education, Tim Cheesebrow connects to all learners to help them develop both as people and musicians. He realizes the strength of connecting with the learner first, giving them the confidence needed to create incredible song-writing projects. After working with Tim, students will possess the knowledge to recreate the creative process throughout their lives, not just for the length of the class.

Michael Moeller

Band Director – Mahtomedi High School

Tim Cheesebrow starts where a student is, shows he cares for each student, and encourages each student to expand their boundaries. He understands that “putting yourself out there” is scary, and Tim provides the scaffolding needed for kids to push through their fears to create something truly magnificent. So many students start out nervous to share their music, but end up loving it!

Kevin Berdine

Kevin Berdine

School Corrdiator – Lighthouse GT School

Music has given me a voice. It has given me access to expression and energy like nothing else. Without music I would be eaten alive and swallowed by my emotions.

Middle School Student

We are excited about the innovative approach Discover Music has designed to provide a meaningful, engaging, real-world learning experience in music for students who have not been involved in music in the past, and/or who may be struggling in school.

Jeff Ronneberg

Jeff Ronneberg

Superintendent – Spring Lake Park Schools

Discover Music’s unique and creative program design has enabled them to reach many middle school students in our district who have not previously participated in any of our traditional music programs.  The students have been able to find a meaningful way to express themselves and to learn many different aspects of the music industry.

Dan Hoverman

Dan Hoverman

Superintendent – Mounds View Public Schools

Listen to our


Lighthouse, SLP

This year was a bit different as we split up into two classes, added a guitar element to the class and started a general music …

Lighthouse SLP

Theo Curtis Riley Bronson </h4 Natalie Noor Summer Noor Noor Lily Kyle Katie Hala Cameron Calvin Braiden

Edgewood MPS

This class was really a delight. We tried some new things this year. We delved into the science of acoustics and spent a long time …


We could never offer these amazing programs without the support of our partner school districts.

The administration, teaching staff, parents, students, and community foundations have come together to give their students the opportunities Discover Music has to offer.

Columbia Heights Public Schools – 
An innovative and diverse district, Columbia Heights has included Songwriting into their ENCORE after school program for middle schools. 

St. Paul Public Schools – 
A large urban district, St. Paul has added Discover Music to it’s Flipside Program of after school activities for middle schools.

Mounds View Public Schools  –
Mounds View had fully integrated the class into their Edgewood Middle School course offerings, and hosted several summer courses.

Spring Lake Park Public Schools – A dedicated district, SLP has hosted after school and summer programs at Westwood Middle School and in-school programs at the Lighthouse Gifted and Talented School.

Their community foundation, The Panther Foundation, was instrumental in the success of these courses.

Stillwater Public Schools –
St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center is pioneering a course configuration that offers songwriting as an enrichment course with live concert capstone.

Mahtomedi Public Schools –
Working with their very forward thinking band director, Discover Music was able to work with their guitar class focusing on music theory and writing.